Nitrogen: Annihilation

Nitrogen fertilizer runoff is one of two of the most significant elements causing environmental damage.  Human sewage dumped into oceanic ecosystems is the second.   

In studying the significant juxtaposition of beauty and horror in imagery of human waste emptying into oceans, the series Feculence explores this relationship through layering poured experimental acrylics.

Slaughterhouses are the largest discharges of nitrogen and phosphorus in the country.  Their wastewater also contains fecal bacteria, salts, pathogens, veterinary and pharmaceuticals, ie antibiotics, chemicals from cleaning plants, blood, fat, and urine.  Wastes are dumped in treated form into waterways (lawfully and unlawfully) causing mass kills of species, taking oxygen out of the aquatic environments, like the illegal dumping from a wastewater lagoon done by JBS USA that caused 64,000 fish to die from one spill.  Incredible amounts of these cultures create vast biodiversity dead zones like in the Gulf of Mexico.   Meat and dairy are the most devastating industries.  They are politically powerful and fundamentally flawed (systems of production).     Pesticides such as glyphosate and atrazine as well as seeds that are treated with neonicotinoids are causing catastrophic environmental death and irreversible health effects to all beings, an ironic annihilation.

Feculence​ (1)

Acrylic, Foam, Mylar

20 x 20 x 3


Feculence​ (2)

Acrylic, Foam, Mylar

10 x 10 x 2




Acrylic, Wood, Mylar

15 x 19 x 3.5


© 2018 Juliana Haliti