Animals Are Garbage

We kill in mass quantities, we disrupt habitats and ecosystems, we ruin soil, we kill bio organisms and wonder why things like pandemics happen.  By attempting to pinpoint these inhumane immoral acts I experiment with different media through observation and research. I aim to keep the viewer between the past and the present, serving as a reminder of humanities addiction to hedonism.  We prove time and time again that sentient beings are not worth our consideration.  Sheer garbage.

Air Jars (Spring 2020 Product Line)

Glass, Metal, Paper

5.5" x 5.5" x 14"


AIR JARS (Spring 2020 Product Line)

Sardonic/Ironic ​(Butcher Shop)



Banality of Evil

Wood, Clay, Glass, Metal

25" x 12" x 12"


Elephant (Bones)

Plaster, Tea, Metal

30" x 18" x 12"


© 2018 Juliana Haliti